Emma Olliff

Nutritionist & Bridal Make Up Artist, United Kingdom

I've recently completed the Amrita Easy Detox, and I'm feeling amazing. To be honest I've tried many detoxes in my life - some easy, most complicated and difficult to stick too. The Amrita Easy Detox really is super easy to follow and stick too - which is a winner in my book. Its a nutrition based detox, which sits comfortably with my ethos - I'm personally not an advocate for the faddy juice or fasting diets. 

The Easy Detox is a 7 day cleanse with a healthy diet whilst taking their active detox herbal blends.

Every day I would eat 3 main meals, plus there is the option of having 2 snacks - personally I'm not a snacker but if you are, you honestly won't go hungry.  And I also consumed the herbal blends 3 x per day - which I'd take in the morning mixed in with my breakfast smoothie and for lunch and dinner I would mix in coconut water.

The herbal blends contains a mix of cleansing herbs such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and liquorice which i really enjoyed the flavour.  

On day 2 I had a bit of an energy slump - but by day 3 I was feeling completely energised, lighter and brighter, my skin was glowing and I was sleeping really well.  

If you are looking to do an easy but effective home cleanse, then I would highly recommend giving the Easy Detox a try. In just 7 days you can achieve a small amount of weight loss, improved digestion, more energy and clearer skin - it's honestly worth a go.

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