Fiona Cappuyns

Holistic Coach & Yoga Teacher, Belgium

As a holistic coach and yoga teacher, I pay a lot of attention to how I take care of my body and my mind. What I eat, regular physical exercise and a constant awareness of my thoughts and emotions, are the main cues to feeling good in my life. 


Whilst completing my yoga teacher training in Thailand a few months ago, I had the opportunity to try the Amrita Easy Detox through a 5 days cleansing program. The results were so great that I wanted to bring the product back for my clients in Belgium. I recommend it based on my own personal experience. 


Easy Detox is perfect for anyone looking to cleanse their bodies and introduce a healthier way of living. You will see a quick improvement in your weight loss, energy levels, pain reduction, digestive function and greater clarity. This program stands out above the other detox products I have already tried in the market. You will not regret giving it a try! 

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