Katherine Bright

Naturopath (ND, ATMS), Australia

As a naturopath and alternative health practitioner with over 30 years experience in the field I am very aware of the necessity for healthy digestion to maintain lifestyle and balance on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

The digestion is the centre of health in my opinion as a detoxed system is a clean/flowing energy which aids in mental health and clarity as well as physical stamina and endurance. Many illnesses start with gut congestion and absorption issues. A good and simple detoxification protocol is a necessary part of health maintenance when life has loaded you up and you don't feel yourself anymore. Obviously as we age we need to be more vigilant to maintain our body systems well.

The Amrita Easy Detox is just that simple! Sachets taken easily in coconut water, water or juice is miraculously efficient and easy in my opinion. I have seen the effects and feel that something so graceful and healthy, taken as a detox is a no-brainer for simplicity and promoting well-being and health. This detox system is cost effective, takes little effort and you can still eat while on the program. I want to offer my clients quality and the ease and grace of Amrita service in providing them with a great product.

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