Alison Riley

Wholistic Nutritionist, B.HlthSc(ComplMed) Dip.Nutrition, Australia
I am a Wholistic Nutritionist and have worked with detoxification and gut health since I started practicing in 2002. Detox and gut repair have always been my passion as unfortunately we do live in a toxic world and any efforts that support our detoxification systems are usually the fastest route to giving my clients the energy, vitality and mental clarity that they are looking for. 
Weight loss is a great added side effect!! Any dietary changes that encompass variety, moderation and bringing us closer to nature will ensure a steady and complete health turnaround for any condition. In order to give my clients the best chance at using Mother nature to heal I focus on wholefoods and wholefood supplements. 
I was happy to discover the Amrita Easy Detox cleanse, as it contains organic, pure and natural Thai superfood herbs and spices with minimum pesticides and processing. Most detox formulas use fillers such as maltodextrin (which don’t have to be listed on the label in Australia) and other unnecessary sweeteners which slow down the detox process and feed unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Finding a formula without theses sweeteners and fillers is a welcome relief and I’m happy to be using all natural organic herbs and spices. 
Swishing this formula around your mouth before swallowing is the best way to consume so as to stimulate the digestive secretions and enhance digestion. This important part of the digestive process is usually missed out with capsules and tablets. Give it a go, you and  your body won’t regret it!!

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