Easy Detox Maintenance Pack 50/100

Enjoyed your Easy Detox programme? Want to keep and even improve achieved results?

Amrita all-natural home body cleanse methodology is designed to produce quick results yet is aimed at long term benefits. Clients tend to take the 7-day intensive programme with 3 sachets per day and then continue with a maintenance protocol with one sachet daily to stay in the "healthy zone" and prolong the body cleanse benefits.

Get your Easy Detox Maintenance Pack for a simple one sachet per day protocol. Choose between 50 or 100 sachets for even bigger savings.

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Professional reviews

Carly Gallagher
Naturopath, Australia

“The body does not quick fix, it fixes right”. With this in mind, I personally have seen in clinical practice and personally the benefits from taking Amrita Easy Detox as a once a day sachet. The potency of once a day, still ensures that you continue the great results the 7-day programme offers and seeks to extend the healing potential. All health is a journey, and for many the 7-day programme kick started their metabolism and started to reduce inflammation. Now you can continue to reap the rewards and reach your desired health goals by using Amrita Easy Detox once a day, in either a 50 day or 100 day maintenance pack. This is how I maintain my own health and I know you will love it too.