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The Easy Detox Deluxe Kit is our premium body cleanse kit. Includes 35 premium single-serve sachets, and is done as either a 7-day “intensive” or 14-day “relaxed” programme with food. The 7-day is recommended for our retreat guests, and 14-day is recommended if you use whilst working.
Comes with several valuable extra’s unique to Deluxe, like our 7-day post-cleanse probiotics course to reinoculate your gut with healthy bacteria, and a detox cookbook with 100+- recipes by 5-star chefs valued at $49.95.

What is inside:

  • Detox and health check up ($90 value)
  • 35 premium detox shakes
  • Extra Strength Probiotics course to boost your immune system
  • Luxurious Facial Detox Treatment
  • E-book: “Easy Detox Secrets Unlocked.”

    Comprehensive Detox Guide and Tips

  • Detox Cookbook by 5-star Chefs
  • On-line support during your detox
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Special BONUS

  • 5 extra shakes for detox ($28 value)
Total: $294.95

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A portion of your Amrita Easy Detox payment will be donated to a selected charity organisation, so you can be comfortable knowing that your healthy choice is going so much further.

Provides free health care for refugees, migrant workers and other individuals who make the dangerous journey across the border from Burma into Thailand. Mae Tao Clinic delivers up to 15 babies daily, feeds more than 500 people twice each day, sees between 300-400 patients every day, fits over 250 prosthetic limbs each year, sees around 150,000 patients annually.

135 families living on this section of the rubbish dump. In and amongst the rubbish on the enormous landfill site, this small community represents just a mere few of the many thousands of displaced people from Burma, fleeing poverty and human rights atrocities. Many of them are children who work in the garbage everyday collecting plastic and items that can be recycled. It’s their primary source of income. Our aim is to provide donated clothes, rice, hygiene products.

48 children live in the mountains at Huay nam Nak orphanage. They are aged 5 to 18 years and often do not have enough food or basic hygiene supplies such as soap, toothpaste and shampoo.

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This health drink promotes toxin release and protects the body from oxidative damage. It also helps calm the mind and gives you ample energy to survive a busy work week.

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Elimination of sugar cravings
  • Elimination of chronic headaches
  • Clearer more radiant complexion
  • Improved mental focus
  • Enhanced immune system function
  • Calm and focused mind

100% natural ingredients:

  • AMALAKI. Protects from free radical damage and balances blood sugar.
  • MANGOSTEEN RIND. Improves cell protection and acts as an anti- inflammatory agent.
  • BROCCOLI SPROUTS. Promotes glutathione production, #1 body antioxidant, facilitates cell regeneration.
  • GARCINIA ATROVIRIDUS. Suppresses appetite, breaks down fat in the body and prevents glucose and starchy foods from being converted into fat.
  • THUNBERGIA LAURIFOLIA. Cleanses the liver and supports kidney function.
  • TURMERIC. Enhances all detox pathways and boosts body’s own antioxidants.
  • BLACK PEPPER. Boosts the effectiveness of Turmeric by up to 2,000%
  • CINNAMON. Boosts blood circulation
  • COCONUT FLOUR. Rich source of fibre and medium chain fatty acids.
  • GINGER. Supports kidney function and bowel clearance.
  • LEMONGRASS. Supports kidney function and controls cholesterol.
  • LIQUORICE. Synergistic support of other herbs and improves bowel clearance
  • MUNG BEAN POWDER. Rich source of fibre, assists in cholesterol control.
  • PAPAYA LEAF. Promotes liver detox and kills unfriendly bacteria in digestive tract.
  • ORANGE. Natural flavor enhancer, rich source of vitamin C, A and potassium.
  • TAMARIND. Supports kidneys and assists in bowel clearance.
I feel a lot of energy and freshness. It was easy with no fasting, especially for me as I continued working
I am on the move all day and Easy detox is perfect for me considering my lifestyle! I felt it quickly working physically as well as emotionally – it made me feel more energetic and lively. Really awesome product and service! Thoroughly recommend this – I use it regularly myself and retreats with great consistent results
I considered many options but settled on trying out Amrita. And I love it. So easy to use, and I felt so great just a few days in. Also I started to lose weight! it is obviously working!

My experience with Easy Detox has been outstanding. I’ve done many detox programs before and I can say this is the best one so far. I never felt hungry during the program. I woke up every morning with a lot of energy and ready to start my day…

The benefits continue after the detox, feeling much better than before. My skin is also much better. I would recommend Easy Detox to everyone. It’s super easy to follow and you get amazing results

Amrita Easy Detox Program is the most balanced detox I have ever done! The combination out of 5 drinks a day plus fruits and vegetables is quite gentle for your body and mind, leaving enough energy for daily practice… and still having all and maybe more positive effects of a detox e.g. getting rid of toxins, filling pure and focused. Highly recommended
Yesterday I finished my detox, I decided to do the relax 14 days as I thought that for me was better. Wow I am really happy, to be honest after 5 days I did not feel any changes...but then I really feel the effect of the detox. The most important result is that my seborrheic dermatitis is complete disappear....this is incredible it is more than 1 year that I try everything but nothing was working. All my family is so impressed that my husband and my daughter have decided to start the detox today! Thank you so much!
I must say that I have done over my life many detox. All sort of detox. I am a Holistic Therapist and have run in Hong Kong the Frederique holistic Spa Organization for many years. I understand well the concept of detox. It has been my life for 40 years. What i like very much about Amrita Home detox kit is its simplicity and efficiency. After only a few days my colon and intestine felt clean, no more bloating, flat tummy and a renewed energy. Those thai herbs combination are very effective and safe. I was quite surprised and happy to experience such quick visible effect. The taste is interesting – palatable and clean. Shake well before drinking. I will do this detox at least twice a Year

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